Hello folks!  This is my first ever blog!  This will be a short sweet thought or two to inaugurate my website snippets of verbiage.

I think it should be appropriate for me to start by stating some of my art goals for the year:

First, I want to stay humble and continue to realize that this is a journey that has no final destination.  I want to intensify my learning experiences by continuing to absorb what I can from other artists.  I aim to learn what I can from who I can, continuing to lean on old mentors and heroes such as David Dean, Steve McGinty, Shanna Kunz, Liz Robbins.  I can't say enough about the wealth of information that I have gleaned from Glen Hawkins, and undoubtedly my greatest mentor and best old pard Stephen Stauffer.

I am not only leaning on these old favorites, however, but also seeking the guidance of other giants in the field this...

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