Resolve to Resolve

Hello folks! This is my first ever blog! This will be a short sweet thought or two to inaugurate my website snippets of verbiage.

I think it should be appropriate for me to start by stating some of my art goals for the year:

First, I want to stay humble and continue to realize that this is a journey that has no final destination. I want to intensify my learning experiences by continuing to absorb what I can from other artists. I aim to learn what I can from who I can, continuing to lean on old mentors and heroes such as David Dean, Steve McGinty, Shanna Kunz, Liz Robbins. I can't say enough about the wealth of information that I have gleaned from Glen Hawkins, and undoubtedly my greatest mentor and best old pard Stephen Stauffer.

I am not only leaning on these old favorites, however, but also seeking the guidance of other giants in the field this year. I am currently enrolled in a workshop with John Poon this summer in Driggs, and I can't tell you how excited I am to attend this event! I am also enrolled in an online course that I purchased from Liz Robbins, and I will begin that next week. I want to absorb the knowledge of many known pros this year!

Humility also teaches us that we can learn from anyone. I have two prior high school art students who have, by my perception, surpassed me. I will be keeping my eye on Braxton Hawkins, (who is my tattoo artist!), and Faris Alalawi, who is becoming a fascinating painter. I also have to declare to the world that my wife, Stacy Henry, is an innate artist! She has been creating some INCREDIBLE images with her phone and the editing filters. I am collaborating with her on some painting/photography endeavors.

Finally, if you want to learn something, teach it. I will be doing several demonstrations this year, along with a couple of workshops of my own! Teaching forces you to evaluate what you know, verbalize that knowledge, and practice it to a level of proficiency that allows you to openly demonstrate those skills. I will be posting dates and times of these events in future blogs.

Speaking of future blogs,I will continue with discussing more of my goals for this year in the next blog. Thank you to those who have read this, and I hope to see you down the painting trail!