Will Power, Watercolors, Whimsical Thoughts

This blog is a continuation of my goals for the year. My last blog addressed more abstract, "ethereal" goals; this one will be a discussion of what I hope to achieve in a concrete, measurable way.

The first goal is to continue to draw EVERY DAY. I plan to devote at least a half hour or so to drawing from observation. This has been a tough commitment for me in the past...pray for me on this one! I perhaps will begin a visual journal, as well.

Secondly, I plan to blog once a week, at least. I know good and well that verbalizing what is visual is a complementary exercise, and practicing each skill inversely reinforces each skill.

I desire to really push the boundaries of the watercolor medium, as well. It is a relatively new medium to me, and I find it not only fascinating, but downright fun! I have, with some success, employed watercolor in some competitive plein air venues. I believe that this medium may be a way to set my work apart, and be unique. That is, after all, what every artist seeks, I suppose...

Finally, as everyone who knows me can testify, I am a bit of a dork. Well, one could say that I am a huge dork. So, Why fight who I am? I love jokes of all kinds, but dad jokes are probably my favorite. Therefore, I hope you will allow me to leave with a joke this week, and possibly every week:

-Drawing pencils could be made with erasers at both ends, you know... but it would be pointless.

Until next week, may God bless you, and see you down the painting trail!